Fia Current Initiatives

Below are initiatives that are either initiated by FIA or where FIA is an active participant/sponsor of.

Share Islam

This is an effort to spread the message of Islam within our communities. It consists of various efforts including delivering of FIA Share Islam presentations at various masajids as well as helping to setup English and Spanish Islamic da’wah material stands within various masajids. The goal is to reach out to both Muslims and non-Muslims as well as better develop communication skills and knowledge within the community.

Fia Family Day

Family Days are held annually, usually around Eid festivals, to bring the community together.  Attractions include Soccer, Cricket, Shows, Rides for the Kids, Petting zoo, Islamic Bazaar and other activities. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet brothers and sisters from different masajids.

Community Fest

We would like to announce an exciting new initiative in our South Florida Muslim Community. In cooperation with the Urban League of Broward, activists and leaders from multiple Islamic Community service organizations are pleased to announce: Community Fest. The purpose of the Community Fest is for the Islamic Community, in cooperation with the urban league, to host and reach out to local families in need, offering not just a meal and other giveaways & services, but also a warm hand of friendship. It will also be a day of family fun with bounce houses for kids and a program featuring local officials and community leaders speaking about important topics like anti-bullying and diversity. Food, toys, and medical exams will be given out that day to the per-registered families being identified by the Urban League and other local community organizations. Several items are raffled. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office and other local officials will also be in attendance, along with local media. We hope this will be the first of an annual gathering of communities coming together and knowing & helping one another, as God says in the Qur’an He has made us “in different nations and tribes so that we may know one another.” (49:13)

Back2School Community Giveaway

Various South Florida Muslim Organizations are joining hands together on this noble project of providing school supplies to the needy children.

Sports Tournaments

FIA is working with various masajids to organize sports tournaments including soccer and cricket to encourage cooperation and social development among the community especially the youth.

Khutbah Workshop

FIA presents a workshop on developing interested individuals within the community to be able to deliver Friday sermons at their local masajids to be productive members.

South Florida Muslim Congress

A group that promotes education and cooperation between Muslims and law enforcement officials. The goal is to help ordinary citizens understand terrorism laws and avoid being accidentally linked to extremists.